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Do’s and Don’ts of College Writing


College writing is a crucial part of a student’s life that involves research and critical thinking ability. It enhances writing skills that can be applied to the classroom as well as other areas of life. Students’ ability to simplify, research, and jot down argumentative topics and bring the ability to prove their view point plays a significant role in this form of writing.

Since most college writing topics and statement definitions revolve around argumentive writing, it is essential to follow some guidelines, to impress and catch hold of the readers’ attention. Finding the right tone for a topic is the most crucial aspect of it all, and many students fail to strike the right balance between professional and casual tones.

Here are some do’s and don’ts that point the needle in the right direction to make your college writing look more professional and achieve a strong academic tone.

The intent of writing an academic paper

As mentioned earlier, an academic paper intends to check a student’s argumentative and decision-making ability, which many of them fail to achieve. A college writing essay should:

  • Claim the subject of the title
  • Provide necessary illustrations and examples to prove your argument
  • Have a clear understanding of the topic to make a point!

A natural tone with simple language is the best approach to sound confident and intelligent while writing.

Avoid formal tones


This advice might sound counterintuitive compared to the previous point, but it’s true! An academic paper should be a professional essay, not an argument from Shakespeare’s time. Hence, it is essential to use simple sentence structures, even if they are o more straightforward.

Avoid colloquialisms

In our previous point, we mentioned not taking an unrealistic formal approach. But, it is also vital to understand that taking an overly casual approach is also a big NO! Although it is simple to avoid slang words in essays, students generally struggle to avoid obvious colloquialisms because they are placeholder tests that merely bridge ideas together. For instance, “I got tickets for a movie on Friday night. You in?” in this sentence, got and you in are colloquialisms that need to be avoided.

Avoid exaggeration and hyperbole.

Students often exaggerate a particular point or topic to make the readers believe them, which is exceptionally unnecessary. Often, readers believe what is written in the essay, and unwanted pricing hype can seem suspicious.

Avoid personal pronouns

People generally use personal pronouns in blogging to provide a personal touch with their audience. However, it is frowned upon in the academic writing world. Since the data provided ought to be factual, it is best to avoid adding personal touches to the writing. Using words like “our” and “my” should be avoided as the reader is unknown and could be of any nationality, gender, or college.

5 Less Known Tricks to Pay Less for Essay Writing Help

There are more reasons wherefore essay writing services are so popular these days. They can save a lot of time, as well as the hassle of writing an essay from scratch. Even if you are actually good at a particular subject, writing may not be your strongest quality.


All in all, whether it is time, your need to socialize, your job, or your family, essay writing help is extremely helpful today. But on a different note, you probably know already that such things do not come for free, especially if you want quality.


Costs add up if you need a few different essays, and each of them is meant to have a few dozen pages. Apart from the actual cost, there are also a bunch of extras that may add up. Fortunately, there are a few clever ways to save money on best essay writing services. Here is what you need to know.

Tricks to save money on essay writing

Choose editing over writing

If money is an issue, you might need to waste some of your time and do some of the work yourself. In fact, this is actually a pretty good idea because at least you will know what the essay is about. No matter how bad you are with writing, give it a try.


At this point, you will no longer need to buy essay online from your chosen essay writing website. Instead, you can opt for editing and proofreading services, which are up to five times cheaper than the actual writing part. After all, the writer does not have to do any research at all.


Now, what exactly will you choose between proofreading and editing? If you are tempted to go with the lowest price, proofreading is one of the cheapest services on essay writing sites. It may not give you the best results, though. Proofreading is a basic check on grammar and spelling, nothing else.


Editing is way deeper. It will correct your essay, change paragraphs, and add more words and sentences in order to correct clarity. If something feels unclear, a professional will edit it to make it smooth and easy to understand.


Editing also means an essay writer service will correct the tone and ensure it is consistent throughout the whole essay. Sentence composition is another part of editing. Plus, you will get a proofreading service included anyway.


You get the point. If you struggle with money, take a bit of time and do the essay yourself, without worrying about changing things, working on the tone, assessing punctuation, and so on. It will be a bad job, indeed, but top essay writing services will edit it and make it look extraordinary.

Buy in bulk

Just like for anything else in life, buying in bulk will give you the opportunity to save a bit of money. However, this means you will need to spend more money in the first place, as you will order a large essay or perhaps more essays at once.


Professional essay writers often provide discounts and special offers for bulk orders. The more you order, the less you will pay per page. To get there, you need to have a clear strategy, as there are more options to do it.


Check the website policy and find out how many essays you can buy at once. Now, some planners will accept different topics and subjects. In other words, you can order more subjects in one go. If you pay $10 per page and you order 50 pages with a 25% discount, the price per page will go to $7.5.


Some of the best websites for writing essays will accept multiple essays but on a similar topic or subject. You only need one essay, so it feels like a waste of money. However, there is a different strategy you can apply here.


Find some of your best friends in college or perhaps colleagues in the same range, with jobs, families, or rich social lives. Ask them what they are doing about their essays and try to place a bulk order. Again, the price will drop if the website that writes essays for you offers discounts for bulk orders.

Order a lower academic level

This option is a bit dodgy and may not always work. If it does, it also requires a bit of work from your side. It is similar to the option that implies editing orders only. Basically, you will need to do some of the work yourself. So, how does it work?


The best online essay writing service will give you a quick quote system on the main page. Many reputable websites offer this service. You enter the essay type, academic level, and a number of pages. The quote is instantly adjusted.


As you play around with options, you can see that changing the academic level will drastically reduce the price per page. If you are asked for $11 per page for a college essay, a high school one may cost you $8 per page, which is around 30% less.


If you are a senior student, get a freshman-level paper. The academic level is among the top factors affecting the final price. It is easy to tell why. A higher level will require a more professional writer or maybe a writer with experience in the respective subject. Plus, more research will be needed.


All these things add to the price. If you do choose this method, you will need to double check the paper and make some adjustments yourself. You may have to add paragraphs or change some expressions to make them look more sophisticated.


But before doing all these things yourself, double check the revision policy of the site that writes essays. If you are given free revisions over one week, make sure you take advantage of this offer and get the essay improved as much as you can.

Order early

Consider finding the best essay writers before you are even given an assignment. Once the assignment kicks in, get in touch with the respective order and place your order. There are more factors that affect the price, and one of them is the actual deadline for your essay.


For example, a college essay may cost $10 per page if the deadline is in two weeks. The writer has plenty of time to research and do it, without rushing to make mistakes. It is not a hard job, meaning it will have a decent cost.


If you forgot about the essay and you realize that you need it within the next six hours, you may end up paying up to $50 per page. It is an emergency order that requires more work or perhaps even more writers for the same job, so best paper writing services will not hesitate to charge you a fortune.


You can usually order up to two months in advance. If you have the assignment, order it as quickly as you can and give the writer as much time as they need. This is by far the cheapest option. The shorter the deadline, the more you will pay, simple as that.


The good news is that many professors provide assignments at the beginning of the year or semester. They know their assignments take time, so they are less likely to give you a couple of weeks only. Instead, chances are you will have months to provide the essay, which is more than enough for your job.

Order in small parts

There are ways to save money by spending more, such as ordering in bulk. There are also ways to save money by paying less in small increments. However, this option means you may end up paying more in the long run.


The best essay service out there will take orders regardless of the size. Some essays may only require a few pages, which is not that difficult. Some others may need 50 pages. It depends on your professor, the academic level, and requirements.


Paying over $100 in one go because you need dozens of pages can raise some issues, especially if you are on a tight budget. Saving up could be a bit of an issue too. Instead, how about ordering your essay in small parts?


You do not necessarily need the whole research paper in one go. Instead, order one chapter at a time. For example, order a literature review first, then another one, and so on. You should have an outline for your essay, then, so you know precisely how to divide it before placing small orders.


Do one chapter at a time and write the introduction and conclusion yourself to save even more money in the long run. Sure, if you are willing to spend a bit more, you can also have an expert do it, but these are the easiest parts.


These are some of the most effective ideas when interested in the top essay writing service out there, but you cannot afford to pay a fortune. Most of them involve a bit of work from your side, but this is perfectly normal. The more money you are willing to spend, the less work you need to put in.

Beginner’s Guide to Writing a Perfect Essay


Essays are long articles written to deliver knowledge or provide solutions to a problem based on intense research. An academic essay is one such type that focuses on developing content on an argument of research, evidence, interpretation, and analysis.

Students generally come across different kinds of essays which mainly depend on the length, topic, subject, and requirements. Most of these academic essays are argumentative and provide insight into an issue or topic.

Unlike other forms, academic essay writing follows a chronological procedure applied to almost all essays. They are:

    • Preparation: This step involves research and practice of an essay outline.
    • Writing: Writing any form of the essay needs to set the tone of the argument and involve an introduction, conclusion, and content body
    • Revision: proofreading, organization, checking spelling, grammar, and format of an essay is essential in this step.

Preparation for writing

Preparation for writing

Before writing any article or an essay, it is essential to make sure to have a clear idea of the topic and draft an outline. Therefore, you need to know the topic of your essay, the area of research, a draft of the thesis, and an overview of the essay.

Writing an essay

Generally, when an academic essay is written for online websites, they are focused on the attention span of the user and are divided into three main parts:

  • Introduction: It is essential to have a good start for the essay because it sets the tone of the following thousand words, which can gather the reader’s interest. It mainly comprises catchy first lines, background information on the traffic, and the thesis statement.
  • Main body: This section of the essay comprises the essentials of the argument for the thesis, its interpretation, and ideas around the argument. The subheadings, lengths of the essay, and its entire structure are decided in this section. The main body also contains the thesis statement and a topic sentence.
  • Conclusion: Conclusion is as vital as the introduction, as it concludes and brings all ideas and thoughts together. A good essay comprises at least 10%-15% of a text. It generally contains a return to the thesis tying all the main points and also shows all matters of argument in the text. A great conclusion typically ends with a strong sentence that impacts the reader’s mind.

Qualities of Good Essay Writing

Good Essay Writing

No measurement system qualifies for best essay writing. But, if an essay satisfies these five factors, it is considered a good essay:

  • Focus on the main topic of the sentence or the niche
  • Development of content with examples, descriptions, and structure
  • Unity of topic in each paragraph, without deviating from the subject
  • Coherence of flow of content from one topic to another
  • Correctness concerning grammar, spelling, and language.