Care for Kent – The DLC Recruitment Campaign

The What, The How, The Why

Care for Kent - The DLC Recruitment Campaign. The What, The How, The Why Written by Penny Lawlor

Why did the DLC decide to run a recruitment campaign? The end of March 2020 saw the start of government restrictions in response to Covid-19. Feedback from care providers in Kent, at the time, indicated concerns around staffing levels particularly if a high number needed to isolate or care for family members etc. Having consulted with providers it was agreed that a local recruitment campaign would be welcome, and providers were encouraged to submit their vacancies, in readiness for a campaign targeting people with an interest in care work.

 What did we do?

We produced a campaign film to focus on values rather than qualifications and used this to promote vacancies in Kent via a social media and local radio campaign, which would be live for a month. The campaign film can be viewed here. 

265 jobs were submitted by care providers in Kent including nurse posts, care workers, managers, catering and housekeeping roles.

How successful was the campaign?

  • 284 people responded to the campaign showing an interest in working in care.
  • All applicants were contacted to discuss their expectation of the care role, before matching them to a suitable vacancy.
  • The employer then followed up directly with the candidate.
  • 75% of the candidates who reached the interview stage were offered a job!

‘I have always wanted to work in care but didn’t know how to go about it, this campaign has been great for me!’ (successful candidate)

Did we learn anything new?

We were able to confirm that the drop-out rate from initial interest to interview stage was 80%, which is on a par with what employers had reported. Reasons for drop out included the following – change of mind, unresponsive to contact calls, family pressures and being offered other jobs.

Employer staffing concerns reduced as the campaign progressed due to existing employees returning to work following isolation, a lack of new referrals and for homecare services, less care calls required as family members stepped in to support their loved ones.

We also identified that few employers offered work experience or weekend/holiday work for 16-18yr students interested in working in social care after their studies. This is a missed opportunity to secure future workers.

No employer advertised apprenticeship opportunities.

What next?

The DLC will continue to work with providers and partners to address recruitment issues, with activities such as a Retention Webinar, promotion of the DoH recruitment portal , Promotion of the benefits of employing apprentices and two Princes Trust pre-employment programs in East and West Kent.

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