Essay Writing


Essay writing will be a part of your curriculum in college. If you are struggling to write essays, you may follow these tips to organize your thoughts and come up with an insightful essay.

Brainstorm and find the relevant topics– In most of the essays, you will be given a prompt and asked to come up with relevant essay topics. So, think about the issue at hand and come up with topics that will fit the essay parameters. Make a list of topics that comes to your mind.

Thesis statement– Before you start writing your essay, ensure you have a thesis statement. This will set the tone of the paper and will give you direction.

Have a unique introduction– The introduction should capture the attention of the reader. Whatever trick you are using, it should hook your audience.

Go deep and provide insight– Instead of simply writing a story or analysis, give insight into the content. Explain what you learned and reflect on the topic.

Remember these tips while writing your college essay.