An update on the EMPOWERCARE Project

The What, The How & The Why

Title: An Update EMPOWERCARE Project Subtitle: The What, The How and The Why

Despite launching throughout the Covid pandemic the EMPOWERCARE Project is making great progress. The project launched at the end of January 2020, when the last in-person meeting was held, despite the challenges that come with working virtually all project partners are fully committed and have made significant efforts to keep activity on track. All planned site visits still took place virtually providing good demonstrations of existing models and technology. Partners have also used the last year to gather information, create asset maps, and maintain communication with stakeholders and the wider EMPOWERCARE audience. Find out more about the project and updates from our partners in the 2Seas region (UK, France, Belgium and the Netherlands) in our latest newsletter:.

EMPOWERCARE Newsletter – Issue 3 Feb 2021

Progress in Kent

 At Kent County Council we have been progressing our EMPOWERCARE plans for Kent by researching what technology is available to support the target group (aged 65+ and 50+ with a chronic health condition) with communication and to help improve their wellbeing. To demonstrate the technology available, individuals will be given the opportunity to trial different products and be supported by a Digital Ambassador to improve their digital skills. All the selected devices will be customisable to suit the needs and preferences of each individual.

We aim to offer the following technology for trials:

  • A Tablet Device
  • An age specific tablet device, designed for our target group (aged 65+ and over 50+ with a chronic health condition)
  • A Voice controlled device e.g., Amazon Alexa
  • 1 Easy to use smartphone
  • A list of useful applications
Digital Ambassador Flyer Screenshot

Digital Ambassadors

We are currently recruiting for volunteers to become digital ambassadors in Kent, to offer skills training and support over 65s in the community. Digital Ambassadors will receive three days of free training, in partnership with Social Enterprise Kent, to ensure they have all the confidence and resources they need to be able to support individuals with their digital skills. The training will begin in April. See our Flyer for full details. 

If you are interested in becoming a Digital Ambassador or would like to find out more about the project please contact [email protected]


EMPOWERCARE is a cross-border project partnering 13 organisations from across the UK, France, Belgium and the Netherlands and is funded by the Interreg 2 Seas Programme (co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund).


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