EMPOWERCARE looks to address the current gaps in the care of older people and create a person-centred solution. The project aims to reduce social isolation in those who are 65+ or 50+ with a health condition.


Our work is underpinned by a methodology with the aim to go from problem to an evaluated solution within one year.

EMPOWERCARE will empower people to take more responsibility for their care using technology and local services to keep them in work, healthy and motivated. The project be working with 13 partners across 4 countries to review relevant person-centred methodologies and consider their use in EMPOWERCARE and the wider social care system. 

What will the project do in Kent?

The Empowercare Team in Kent will work to improve the digital skills of those 65+ and 50+ with a health condition. The project aims to find a solution for those disadvantaged by technical inability and those who are not utilising this affectively to best support their own wellbeing. We will engage individuals and showcase relevant technologies through digital hubs. 

The project will create Digital Ambassadors from the local community, including professionals, volunteers and peer mentors, to sustain the growth of digital skills. The Ambassadors will be supported to develop their own digital abilities and learn methods to deliver support that is manageable for the target group. 

EMPOWERCARE will focus on the innovation of three main elements relating to the persons wellbeing: 

  • Fitness & mobility
  • Rehabilitation
  • Access to community

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If you know someone who could benefit from this project, or would like to become a Digital Ambassador, please email: [email protected]

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