Meet the Team

The Design and Learning Centre for Clinical and Social Innovation (DLC) was originally conceived by Robert to co-design solutions to challenges being faced by the NHS and Social Care with a focus on empowering the person to take more control of their own health and wellbeing. He is passionate about implementing new ways of working and making the best use of Digital Technology. He has been key to several projects that can deliver Better, Safer Cheaper and Different Care including establishing us as a partner with the Qulturum Centre in Sweden, enabling us to implement the ESTHER Learning and Quality Improvement Philosophy of Care in Kent and Medway. He has developed other international collaborations including Scotland, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands and Japan that have resulted in obtaining international funding, bringing learning and implementation of good practice in Kent and Medway. The Design and Learning Centre has been recognised as the Service Improvement and Innovation facility of the Kent and Medway STP in collaboration with the AHSN (Academic Health Science Network) and MASCOE (Medway and Swale Centre of Organisational Excellence). Robert has had extensive experience as a Medical Director for Kent and Medway and over thirty years’ experience as a GP.

As one of the directors of the Design and Learning Centre for Clinical and Social Innovation Anne is bringing international good practices to Kent, digital technologies and supporting social care providers with skills and workforce development. Anne has been leading for adult social care on international collaborations and has managed several European Interreg projects such as CASA , Buurtzorg (TICC) and joint working agreements with Scotland , South Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden.

Georgina oversees management of the Design and Learning Centre Team and delivery of projects and programmes.

I am the Lead of the ESTHER team. In my role I am responsible for shaping and delivering knowledge about the ESTHER philosophy to promote and support the implementation across Kent and Medway. This includes delivering our ESTHER trainings: Ambassador, Coaches as well as train the Trainer programme and keeping the training material suitable and updated. Together with the rest of the team, I communicate with professionals as well as citizens and gather feedback and information as regards the outcomes of the implementation to ensure we follow the plan and amend the plan according to what is needed to achieve the best possible outcomes for individuals as well as professionals.

My Role in the Design and Learning Centre is to support the development  and implementation of the ESTHER Programme across health and social care in Kent and Medway, utilising recognised Project Management Methodologies ensuring effective delivery of the project.

I work within the Design and Learning Centre as the ESTHER Training Coordinator and Development Officer, which involves overseeing the delivery of ESTHER Ambassador and Coach training. I am also responsible for organising events where we can promote the ESTHER philosophy and the training sessions that we offer.

I manage some of the projects and work streams that sit under the Design & Learning Centre programme, I also link into EU projects and funding bids, act as a representative for Kent County Council working in collaboration with other EU partners. I work in conjunction with the team assisting and supporting in the delivery of integrated projects.

Within the Design and Learning Centre I work on the Transforming Integrated Care in Community (TICC) project providing support across the project with a focus on communications. Within my role I also support the organisation and co-ordination of innovation workshops and events.

I am the Medicines in the Community Project Manager for Kent working to integrate heath and social care in relation to medicines. Current programs of work include the NHS Digital Accelerator Programme Project and supporting Digitising Social Care in Kent and Medway. 

I provide a central point of coordination and support for Personal Health Budgets (PHBs) and Integrated Personal Budgets (IPBs) at Kent County Council (KCC), working closely with Clinical Commissioning Groups within Kent, and NEL Commissioning Support Unit to ensure the payment of Personal Health Budget direct payments through KCC financial systems. I also support other projects within the Design and Learning Centre helping to develop new models and approaches to personalisation.

My role involves partnership working with local NHS teams, Skills for Care, Health Education England and others, identifying solutions to address issues highlighted by registered managers of  independent care services.

Recent projects have focused on recruitment and retention, upskilling of the care workforce and career progression options.

As a workforce project officer, my role is to work with the adult social care sector and partners. I work predominantly with Learning Disabilities and Mental Health providers to help create a sustainable and stable workforce for the future.  This involves working on a variety of projects to help transform or support the market with its workforce needs.  I am always looking to engage with providers in any way that will support the development of the sector.

The core team consists of people with vast experience in Health and Social Care. The team has a great mix of skills that allows the Design and Learning Centre to find and deliver solutions to address the challenges faced within health and social care.

From left, Gina Walton, Dr Robert Stewart, Anna Carlbom, sian Dellaway and Rebecca Clarke

The DLC work with a network of experts and areas of expertise in...

Analytics, Modelling and Kent Integrated Dataset
EU projects and bids
Workforce and Training
Care Sector
Connectivity Expert  (website and social media)