National Recruitment Campaign

Department of Health and Social Care - Social Care recruitment Campaign

Hello, as you may know, the Dept of Health & Social care is launching a national recruitment campaign for social care in February. Social Care employers all over the country have the opportunity to submit their job vacancies, so that people who see the campaign and are interested in working in social care can then see what vacancies are available in their local area. If you would like to advertise your vacancies, please see the email below which has links and tips on how to submit your vacancies.

Advertise your vacancies FREE on the national DWP site ready for the national social care recruitment campaign Launch!!

As you know, the campaign website will direct prospective applicants to DWP Find a Job which is filtered to show Social Care jobs only. Therefore, it is important for all providers to upload their vacancies on this site ahead of the launch.
Below, I have provided some tips and signposted to some useful ‘how to’ videos to ensure that employers make best use of the site.

Please do watch these videos if you’re unsure about the process:

How to Create an employer account

How to Post a job

The way the website works in terms of people searching the ‘Find a Job’ service, is that it looks at the specific words and matches that to any part of the job advert (title or job description.) Therefore users searching the words ‘social + care’ will see all jobs that feature those words together. They can then filter these themselves by location for example.

The link that we will be directing people to from our site ( will be pre-filtered to ‘social + care’, which should pick up all the relevant vacancies.

For providers that are creating a new account, then the recommendation is that they use the ‘Company type’ ‘Social work’.

Please do watch the videos above as they should answer any questions you have. Equally, providers that are unsure are welcome to use the ‘contact us’ function on DWP Find a Job – or get in touch with our team.