NHS Mail for Social Care Providers

NHSmail for Social Care Providers

How to register

a. You must complete and send this back in Word as it won’t work if you print it out and fill in by hand.

b. You should provide mobile phone numbers not landlines as you will get a text with your password.

c. If you are a head office applying for multiple sites, complete the same form and provide the Organisation Data Service code of each site. If you do not know your ODS codes you can look them up at here or contact the NHS Digital helpdesk [email protected] to request for them to be sent to you.

2. Send the form to [email protected]

  1. You will get an email back in a couple of minutes to say your application is being processed. If there is a problem with the form, you will also get an email back.
  2. Within 1-2 days, you will receive an email from NHSmail welcoming you to your new account, as well as a text message with your password. Each provider will have 1 shared mailbox, and 2 user accounts.


NHSmail Help Guides & Resources

NHSmail Help Guide

This guide provides the basics of using an NHSmail account from signing in to resetting your password. 

Starting to Use NHSmail

Powerpoint slides showing how to access and use NHSmail on the Kent & Medway iPad.

NHSmail Sign Up Slides

Design and Learning Centre NHSmail Presentation – these powerpoint slides go through the steps to sign up for NHS mail and include all the links needed to make an application. 

NHSmail Application Form

This is the form for making an application for an NHSmail account for social care providers. We strongly recommend to read/watch the presentations on how to make an application first to ensure you application is not rejected. 

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