Opportunity to be Involved in research

Enabling Research in Care Homes (ENRICH)

Enabling Research in Care Homes (ENRICH) is a national project managed by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) to connect those in care homes with the opportunity to become involved in research

This research opportunity can take many forms – including surveys, discussions and alternative ways of delivering services and will help to shape future delivery of services.  This has potential benefits for staff and residents and can provide evidence for CQC inspections of progression and well led measures.   You do not need to become involved in research if you register your interest but you will be kept informed of activity taking place. 

If staff wish to become involved, funding is available to support the time they spend on research.

Further information in this leaflet and also  Web: www.enrich.nihr.ac.uk              To register your interest please email: [email protected]